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Somatic Shibari

Join us in this regular class as we dive into the beautiful art of Shibari and explore the somatic and emotional impact it can have on the tying partners. Using the Ichinawa technique, a floor-based practice that requires only one length of rope, we will create a safe and intimate space for participants to connect on a deeper level.

No previous knowledge or experience is needed, as this class is suitable for all levels. You don't have to worry about missing something or having to catch up, as there is no progression between classes. In fact, you're likely to discover something new every time you join us.

We will provide a length of rope included in the ticket price, for you to take home afterwards. So, all you need to bring is a partner/friend/other curious soul to tie with, and wear something comfortable you can move around in, such as yoga attire.

 s with any other physical activity, please make sure you are hydrated and have had something light to eat before class.

Come and explore the intimate and profound connection that Shibari can create. We can't wait to see you there!

"Intro to Shibari" Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to the world of Shibari. During the workshop, you will learn the basic principles of Shibari, including safety guidelines, rope handling, and technique. You will also have the opportunity to practice tying and being tied in a safe and supportive environment. This workshop is designed for beginners who are interested in exploring Shibari and its potential for intimate connections. On this first day we will mainly concentrate on the connection between the tying partners, the non-verbal language of Shibari and the emotional world we commonly move within. Throughout the day, you will have the chance to ask questions, share your experiences, and receive feedback from the instructors. You will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the art of Shibari and its potential for enhancing intimacy, creativity, and self-awareness.

No previous experience is necessary to attend this workshop. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing such as yoga attire and bringing a water bottle. Join us for this transformative experience and discover the beauty and power of Shibari.


About the Educators

Conor and Anna are a dynamic Shibari teaching duo based in London, renowned for their interdisciplinary approach to Japanese rope bondage. With a combined experience of 25 years in kink and rope, they bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to their students.

Their teaching style is characterised by a playful yet sincere questioning and exploration of traditional Shibari techniques, which they reassemble in new and exciting ways. Drawing inspiration from fields such as linguistics, yoga, and spiritual practices, Conor and Anna bring a unique perspective to their classes.

As full-time educators, Conor and Anna are passionate about creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for their students. They have taught private students, workshops, and conferences, and have been invited to perform and teach at festivals around the world. Their enthusiasm, sensitivity, and contemplative mindset make them exceptional teachers in the Shibari community.

Class Descriptions

"Structures" Workshop

In this workshop, we will explore the technical side of Japanese Rope Bondage by focusing on structures. We will delve deeper into the building blocks of harnesses and ties, and gain a better understanding of how to create safe and structurally sound ties.

Throughout the day, you will learn how to identify and correct mistakes, as well as how to adapt ties to the person you are tying, rather than forcing them into a preconceived structure. We will also discuss the importance of communication, negotiation, and consent when engaging in rope play.

Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to practice tying and being tied in a safe and supportive environment. You will also have the chance to ask questions, share your experiences, and receive feedback from the instructor and your fellow participants.

Join us for this workshop and take your Shibari skills to the next level. By the end of the day, you will have a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of Japanese Rope Bondage and be better equipped to engage in rope play safely and confidently.

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