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Graphic notation systems have encouraged collaboration between composers and performers. They have allowed performers to have input into the creative process, which has led to more dynamic and engaging performances. 

We developed a graphical notation system for Shibari that is similar to Choreography notation systems for dance. It was developed by Anna Noctuelle and CNR Aphilia to serve the exploration, documentation and speculation of the technical, compositional and emotional aspects of Shibari.

The system provides students as well as seasoned practitioners with a comprehensible graphical notation system to document and remember compositions and sequence progressions. The notation can be used in a quick and sketchy way to work out ideas or can be detailed and used to create a library of either a learning progression or sessions, performances and sequence ideas. New ideas can be drafted and understood well before rope is being touched. 
If you are interested and want to know more about it, please get in touch.

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