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Class Descriptions

Private Classes & Workshops

I'm available for private classes and bookings for group workshops. Please contact me for more information:  mail(at)

Meisner for Rope, 21.02.2024, 7pm-9.30pm

In this class and with help of the Meisner technique, we will shed light on the non-verbal communication that's happening in rope. This technique emphasises instincts and spontaneity as well as acting out of the truthfulness of the moment. It was designed to achieve greater emotional freedom and versatility, as well as training participants to stay emotionally connected to each other. This class follows a very unique concept and has been met with great enthusiasm in rope communities in Prague, Berlin and also here in London. It is an all-levels class but even if you are super experienced, I promise you, you'll come out with a completely new perspective of what you are doing. Minimum requirement is just to have had some exposure to rope and have.

Register here.

The Other Side of Ropes - 09.03.24-10.03.24, Subspace, Prague

The Other Side of Ropes is an exchange and research event focused on being in ropes. Our aim is to explore ropes from the other side. How can we approach it. How to improve our skills and deepen the experience of tying together.

Rope-bottoming development is a lot about sharing. However, we believe it cannot be separated from those who tie. Learning and growing together is important. Therefore riggers are not only welcome, but strongly encouraged to take part and contribute.

There is going to be a lot of exchange in the form of discussions, but also a lot of hands-on workshops, study and research groups on bottoming styles, body awareness, communication skills, exploring different mindsets and emotions, staying safe, healthy and of course tying.

This event will be partially in an un-conference style. Official presenters will offer their knowledge in pre-scheduled workshops. At the same time participants will also have an opportunity to bring their own topics either by requesting or opening them for research together with others or presenting them themselves.

Level: all levels

Location: Subspace, Prague


Connection & Creativity - 23.03.24, The Fox Den Club, London

During the Connection & Creativity workshop, we will discuss and show the various aspects of playing with rope in a mostly non-structural and creative manner. You'll learn a minimal amount of basic technique to start with and will be encouraged to work with your creativity and the dynamic that is present between the tying partners. Being present in the moment, using intuition and charging the rope emotionally to communicate non-verbally will be the focus of this day. This workshop is suitable for all levels, no prior knowledge needed.

The workshop is open to max 30 people (non-members welcome). Spaces are open to both duos and singles. Single attendees have the chance to pair up with a partner on the day and are also encouraged to switch. You are invited to bring your own Shibari rope if you have some but we will provide ropes to borrow for the duration of the workshop.

We will kick off the afternoon with an opening circle and introductory talk. We will then arrange pairs or groups to explore how we each connect and collaborate through rope, using non-verbal communication to attune and respond to our partner. There will be time at the end for integration and additional questions.


Level: Beginner/General

Location: MoreYoga Cannon Street, EC4R 1DD


Small Group Private, new dates tba

These classes are small group privates and courses with a maximum number of 5 -6 people so you can enjoy learning in a private and calm environment with the focus on your needs where we can afford to go into depth.


Rope: Wykd Dave, Pic: Clover Brooks

About Anna

Anna Noctuelle is a highly experienced and versatile Shibari practitioner with over 18 years of experience. Her journey with Shibari began as a personal discovery and has since evolved into a multifaceted practice encompassing teaching, modelling and performing. Her dedication to sharing her passion for Shibari has taken her to various rope communities across Europe teaching workshops and captivating audiences with performances since 2016.

Anna’s artistic journey has been deeply influenced by her diverse background. With a foundation in classical dance and breath work practice, she brings grace, elegance, and a keen sense of body awareness to her Shibari practice. Her exploration of Buddhism, tantra and meditation, as well as her commitment to yoga, have shaped her aesthetic and philosophical approach to Shibari, lending it a spiritual depth and tranquility. Being a linguist in her other life she’s constantly exploring the communicative aspects of Shibari. Anna Noctuelle’s blend of skills, knowledge, and experience make her an exceptional practitioner and educator of Shibari who understands what it means create safe and inclusive learning environments which reward inquiry, curiosity, courage, experimentation and playfulness. 

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