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I apply a holistic approach, keeping a balance between connective/sensual/"soft" skills and technical skills, often incorporating yogic exercises and a zen mindset.

I believe that rope deserves constant exploring, as it can teach you life, vision and maybe even wisdom and I hope I can pass on the passion for this beautiful practice to the people I have the pleasure to teach.

Private Tuition

I offer private tuition either as a solo educator or in a co-teaching approach. Co-teaching will give students an in-depth guidance from both sides of the rope and a chance to practice with an experienced model, which together leads to an all-round better technique and faster progression.
We usually teach in our own home but upon request we are happy to travel or arrange for a studio space such as Anatomie Studio. Tuition time for privates starts at 2h/class.

Shibari Salon

If you are comfortable to learn in a small group, we regularly offer immersive evening classes with a limited number of couples. With Shibari Salon, we aim to create an immersive rope space in which we allow people to experience, expand their knowledge and thoughts and practice Shibari. Every Salon is carefully curated towards a topic in which we will teach focusing and catering to the individual needs of the participants. The limited number of participants allow us to cater and focus on each individual, their pace and way of learning and is intimate enough to keep focus in a calm environment that supports the unique interaction between the tying partners.
Please see "Shibari Salon" for more information and ticket links


I'm open for workshop bookings. If you are an organiser / facilitator and you are interested in arranging something with me in your area please get in touch to discuss.

I am happy to tailor workshops to suit the level and interests of your group or community.


Shibari Salon

Shibari Salon
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